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    Viola Larson

    My email has not worked since the 19th, I was never given warning or notice, and I have attempted to make phone contact several times, to no avail! I do see various links to supposedly make it work, but without even knowing what was changed, I would have no idea what should be changed. I did see something thgat stated that when the upgrade was done, my mail page would update to a new form/design or something, but I still have the same email page as I always had. The domans are registered to my wife Viola Larson ID; dayem985, E addresses are,,, and as the email does not work, I can be reached at 254 228 7307. I look forward to receiving support on this matter, it has been way too long already. Thanks, Dale Larson

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    Avalon Suites

    My email has also stopped functioning.  Webmail works.  Forwarding to a gmail email account does NOT work - Gmail bounces it as "unauthorized".  eNom's mail service is apparently being blocked by Gmail.  Correct?  Not? 

    If not, please explain how to reactivate automatic forwarding.  Explain in detail: step-by-step.

    No response to trouble tickets.  Clicking on "HELP" on email webpage returns a 404 error.

    Fix needed on above issues.


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    Daniel Enriquez 

    Hello, I have just bought 10 post office of 10 GB, but when the post office test only they support up to 100 MB, as soon as it spends 100 MB already it does not allow me to receive post office, which I can do?

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