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    paul forostowsky

    Enom have invoiced me  for Moby before the end of the one month trail. Is not NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please credit my account right now.Thank you  ( forosto)



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    homayoun nobarani
    I did not order it and you have no right to charge for that IDProtect .
    I will take away my domain from your company in case you want to waste my time and money.
    if you do not fix it , I will chage back!
    thank you 
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    David Greenway

    I have been billed for a domain that had hosting this domain has been transferred and I did not know that the hosting was still active asit does not show in my dashboard. I would like this domain refunded the purchase reference is 275254127, amount $332.99


    David Greenway

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    M.B. Roka


    just 3 days ago we added US$100 and we renewed 2 domains and registered 1 new domain but my money cut down heavily why?

    why and how was that happened? would you review my account startus? why did you cut money and decrease dramatically?

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    Sajjad Tufail

    couple weeks ago added $30 and renewed 1 domain for 2yrs, my account now showing $ -19.98

    how can I know the reason.

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    Josbal Cuevas

    why is so expensive renew a domian? $49 it does include hosting? i want to transfer my domain what i need to do???


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    Andrey Klimov

    Good afternoon. I can not pay bill for my domain, because when I'm starting the transaction, the following message has appears:

    "We are unable to process this transaction because we are currently not accepting orders from this IP."

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